Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hula Girls & Parking Lots

I am sorry to report, I don't even remember the venue, however I do remember Finley reading from his book entitled...."PRICK.....JEST POEMS."

Sometimes, often times Mike will start off a set (and I wonder if its intentional or not), but he'll start off a set with a quick-quick look.

The glance rushes by in an instant, but in that briefest of moments his stare assures you that you are going to learn some truth that he has been dying to reveal.

Finley gives such a look and begins.....


The attendant at the parking lot
Was angry this morning
His shovel was missing
And in the crack of the blacktop
Near the corner of 8th & LaSalle
Five weeds were sticking their heads up
Looking for trouble

The End

I remember that after I heard this, my first reaction was....

"Hmmm, cute poem. Poem about a parking lot huh?"

But then I started to think about it longer, and then I asked myself....

How is it that Finley can take moments or situations in life that are not epic, but when he describes them, they become so powerful.

I mean, I'm sure the actual experience was uneventful, but none the less....I wanted to be there.

A parking lot huh?

So then I sat in silence for awhile and tried to think of a moment I had in a parking lot that would rival Finley's in boredom, and if I could think of such a time, would I be able to troll it in front of him to the point that he might become curious?

In some ways I viewed this as a challenge, in other ways...a homework assignment.

The following is what I came up with.


Hula Girl - Hula Girl
Dance beneath the raindrops
I'm pretty sure my windshield will keep you dry

Left/Right - Left/Right
Your hips gyrate with fluidity
As if your balance were determined on a spring

Tick - Tock - Tick - Tock
The clouds eclipse the moon
But its still engaging when you dance in the neon

Hula Girl - Hula Girl
I am fearful our tryst must end
My girlfriend is headed toward the car
And she has some Tanqueray

The End

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