Monday, July 16, 2012

A Quick Question?????

I know when you subit photo's for books, often times publishers suggest not to use photo's with clothing that would "date" the work.

How does this apply to poems in your opinion.

The following poem you are about to read to place on a very specific day.

Will the poem lose its meaning when years pass and future generations don't understand the moment at hand?

Just read the poem please, and give me your honest thoughts?

Breakfast in Nebraska

On the first day that Joe's Cafe
Hung a big screen TV from their wall
All of the customers watched CNN

There was a special presentation
Of the Diamond Jubilee
Where the Queen floated down the Thames
On a royal barge, red & gold

1000 vessels followed
There was 14 miles of Union Jack bunting
And a belfry boat glided close behind
Mimicking Big Ben's ring tones as they passed

When the waitress returned
She became caught up in the fanfare
And placed her order pad onto the table
While informing all her customers

"You won't see that in Omaha!"

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