Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Marilyn Monroe VS Jim Morrison

I don't know if I've ever met anybody who didn't think Jim Morrison was cool.

I sure do.

As a teenager, I had his American Poet poster hanging in my bedroom.

It was my thought that this would raise my street cred, and chicks would dig me.

But how good was Morrison's poetry.

To be honest.....I find it to be droll.

I am going to speak for Finley, w/o speaking to Finley, but I'm pretty sure he would say something like...........

"Jim wasn't a bad guy. some of his music was fun, however....his poetry seemed a little shallow. Too much of it was a spotlight shing on himself......"

I don't know, maybe you like Lizard Kings and fire.....but as I get older.

I don't want to hear your bullsh** neurosis, I just want to cut to the quick and spy in on the things that really jump start your mind and heart.

Just recently a book of Marilyn Monroe's poems in progress was released.

I really enjoyed her honesty.

This coveted sex goddess wasn't trying to get your attention, in fact just the opposite.

I think she was trying to run from herself.

Here is just one of several portions i read that I kind of enjoyed................
Oh damn I wish that I were
dead — absolutely nonexistent –
gone away from here — from
everywhere but how would I do it
There is always bridges — the Brooklyn
– no not the Brooklyn Bridge
But I love that bridge (everything is beautiful from there and the air is so clean) walking it seems
peaceful there even with all those
cars going crazy underneath. So
it would have to be some other bridge
an ugly one and with no view — except
I particularly like in particular all bridges — there’s some-
thing about them and besides these I’ve
never seen an ugly bridge

Anyways, I almost always pick girls over boys, but if you would like to voice your opinion.....I'm listening.

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