Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Newest Finley Truth

In 1991 the band Naught By Nature owned the #1.....


What those 3 initials stood for stirred up quite a bit of controversy, but I will let you guys do your own research to dig up what that was all about.

I believe its the book of Ecclesiastes that says "Nothing is new under the sun".......

I wonder if Solomon was implying that one day Mike Finley would resurrect the 3 initials that put America on it's ear over 20 years ago.

Our story starts where so many of my afternoons end,

In the parking lot of the gym, just prior to me getting a lift in.

Usually during these moments I've taken a "Pre-Lift" drink that really jacks your system, causing it to feel as if you are on some kind of heavy speed.

As my adrenaline was at it's peak, I figured I should run in and attend to my workout so as to maximize my buzz, but instead I thought about something poetry related and decided to call Mike.

Truth be told, I don't even remember what was so important, but I do remember getting a hold of Finley, and somewhere we discussed a post I had written (on a subsequent Blog) that talked about me on the verge of an altercation at the Grandview Theater on Christmas day.

I was with my family who had outvoted me, and therefore they selected Les Miserables.

In the concession line, just ahead of me was an equal sized lout who started gaffing off and talking about what a douche Russell Crowe was and how he was going to mess up this epic film.

Not that the "Gladiator" needs me to cover his back but.....

I interjected to this thug who chose to wear sunglasses even though it was18 degrees and overcast outside that he might want to keep his thoughts to himself.

What many of you may not know is that us "Big Guys" have a Big Guy club, we don't pay dues, but the code is observed across the globe, and rule #1 is.......

Don't ever talk crap about another Big Guy.

Anyways, the guy rolls his eyes at me, and when he did this, I mentioned I was just giving him a little honest grief, but if he wanted to roll his eyes.......

Dude grabbed his box of Milk Duds and scurried into the show hall.

My Blog Post that focuses on this story goes much deeper into detail concerning this moment, but before I digress, let's go back to the parking lot of Snap Fitness.

Finley comments...................

"That story you described, or rather your actions in it, well.....they were like a poem in itself."

Klecko responded......


"Well when you stood in line, the first thing you did is what all poets should do. you OBSERVED. Next, after the guy made his senseless remarks about Russell Crow, you PONDERED. And when that part of your process was PROCLAIMED.




I am down with O.P.P.

There I sat, in my bread truck, rushing through scenarios like........

Can you Observe and just move on to proclaiming?

Or can you simply skip the first 2 steps and soley  


  1. Actually, I am down with P P O.
    I Proclaim and leave the Observing and Pondering to others.

  2. I didn't intend to remain Unknown -- Dottie Johnson

    1. Dottie "Unknown" often seems to add intrigue. You (and your comments) are appreciated, either way.