Sunday, March 10, 2013

Observations From A Know It All

Now that we are around the 1/2 way point of March.....

I have had a little while to do a February postmortem.

February typically is a popular month for poetry readings.

For some reason literary people seem to think that February and Love Poems pair well.

I guess in theory this might be true.....but on the gritty streets of "Poets Are Lame Avenue", I gotta tell ya, I'm seeing just the oppisite.

During the "Love Month", I attended several readings and the observations I made this year were the same ones I've witnessed in the past.

Poets can be cowards.

And just as Johnny Cash once said.......

" I am the greatest sinner of all!"

Of all the Love Fests I've been scoping out, the presenters seemed more intent to get across the fact that they were edgy. The work they chose to present at these venues more often than not dealt with sex.

Love wasn't even mentioned.

As I have discussed this observation with my acquaintances from the bar stool....all the way to the church pew, I am starting to realize something with clarity.

Many people, most people are afraid, or uncomfortable at best to express what emotion lives in their heart.

Communicating love is a lost art form.....or did it ever even exist?

I don't know if people feel that pin pointing their emotion(s) is a sign of weakness, but it isn't.

Others have mentioned that expressing love is kinda like cooking with cilantro, it tastes great for a bite or two, but if the valve gets stuck, the flavor goes from splendid to unpalatable in the shake of a tail.

I am sure that every person -

Every venue......all have different perimeters.

But as poets, if we have just one responsibility in this guild, and to this world, shouldn't it be to celebrate love, and do our best to live within the actions we best feel define love?

Life is interesting friends, and nobody wants to be made a fool.

Some of us have suffered from the sting of Cupids arrow, but c'mon.......

People do have a good side -

People are capable of putting others needs in front of their own -

People were created to live within joy, not the opposite.

In closing, yeah-yeah....I get it.

Sex is wonderful, and nobody likes a bottle of Scotch or a fresh prescription of pain med's from Marcus Welby as much as me.......

But those aren't topics that merit launching fleets,folly and dreams.......

Love is our go to, and if a poet doesn't understand love......there's a bowling league close to you that would be happy to have your services..........

Alright, it's late so I'll step off my soap box, but before I do......

I love most of you guys!

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