Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Manson Needs Water

Finley and I were working on a project called the Bavarian Oratorio one Sunday afternoon, and Mike said we should take a break and watch the Vikings game.

I believe we watched about 4 plays before he switched the channel over to Swiss Family Robinson.

Nothing seems to hold Finley's interest quite like bad movies.

As we were became entrenched in this classic, Finley slowly opens his mouth.

I was certain that he was about to dole out some sarcastic commentary, but instead....

He just made a random remark....

"Did I ever tell you about the time I met Charles Manson?"

I waited for a punch line, but he wouldn't deliver one.

"Yeah, I really met Manson. I was in the desert and he approached my camp with a half dozen people, they were hoping to scrounge up a couple cups of water so they could have tea."

Now the commercial break is over and Finley slips back into silence.

"And" I said.

Mike looked confused for a second before replying.....

"Oh yeah, well I ended up giving him the water."

Now I started to laugh and mentioned if he let them die of thirst, perhaps Sharon Tate would still be alive.

Mike leaned back in his Lazy Boy and then he shifted his voice so it would sound like Heston's in Ben Hur.....

"Once I knew a man and he gave me water, I don't know why."

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