Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Saint Paul VS New York

When a child gets baptized, often times it is customary that the Church assigns this young person a biblical scripture.

As the child grows and develops, during times of solace they can have that verse to see them through adversity.

When I got to fly out to NYC to pimp my dog biscuit cookbook on Martha Stewart, Finley sent me away with this poem as a gift.


When I landed at LaGuardia

It was seventy degrees

All I needed was a thin jacket

For three days I walked the streets

Leery of beggars who seemed to know something

And, shadowy figures lurking in doorways

But when the temperatures began to fall

The canyon gusts blew plastic sacks like ghostly luggage

I came into my own

I am more used to winter than them

It is my element

Walking into wind and swinging my computer case at my side All along Sixth Avenue phalanxes of muggers and murders part

Melted from their purpose by sled dog eyes

Urgent and cheerful on a cold-cold night


To this day.....this is my favorite poem.

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